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Pin 27129 United States Austin
English (English)
Pin 37625 United States New York
English (English)
Pin 42489 United States Honolulu
Hawai‘i (Hawaiian)
(Sorry this is so blurry, it’s on the bus) The domain is safety, so people who need to read the way to report suspicious activity in Hawaiian can understand it. - AB Multilingual Hawaiʻi
Pin 46073 United States Honolulu
Hawai'i Creole (Hawaiian Creole English)
AJR - Check in #2. This picture showcases the use of the Pidgin phrases “Sup palala” and “Cheeehoo” and “Shoot Da Cruz”. I would say these products are geared more towards a local audience as tourists may not be aware of the meaning of these phrases Multilingual Hawaiʻi
Pin 65273 United States Mission
English (English) Español (Spanish)
Letreros en el RGV
Pin 65529 United States La Joya
English (English) Español (Spanish)
Letreros en el RGV
Pin 72698 United States Lewisville
Français (French) Español (Spanish)
Boutique hispana en Lewisville. Adriana
Pin 7418 United States Arlington
English (English) Español (Spanish)
Pin 15610 United States Tucson
Español (Spanish)
Amira I. Los restaurantes son muy deliciosos
Pin 37626 United States Georgetown
English (English) Español (Spanish)
Pin 42490 United States Honolulu
English (English) Hawai'i Creole (Hawaiian Creole English)
The domain is safety, meant for students (both local and from the mainland) to understand covid rules. This can be understood generally for both of these groups Multilingual Hawaiʻi
Pin 46074 United States Honolulu
English (English) Hawai‘i (Hawaiian) Hawai'i Creole (Hawaiian Creole English)
AJR - Check in #2. This picture shows the use of the Hawaiian phrase “Aloha” and Pidgin (?) version of “bro”. The intended audience would be apparel shoppers and it is a great way to promote local identity. However, with the image of a Shaka being exhibited on this shirt, I would say this product catches the eye of more tourists Multilingual Hawaiʻi
Pin 65274 United States Weslaco
English (English) Español (Spanish)
LetrerosenelRGV Letreros en el RGV
Pin 66043 United States Edinburg
Español (Spanish)
Letreros en el RGV
Pin 6395 United States Denver
English (English)
Pin 7419 United States Arlington
English (English)
Pin 15611 United States Tucson
Español (Spanish)
This Carniceria or Butchers shop is called "Super Carniceria Del Valle" which translates to "Super Butcher shop of the valley". This shop also has non meat items. -Ricardo C
Pin 37627 United States Lewes
English (English)
Pin 43003 United States Columbus
English (English)
Papa John’s Pizza
Pin 46075 United States Honolulu
English (English) Hawai‘i (Hawaiian)
AJR - Check in #2. This picture shows the phrase “SustĀINAbility” in much bigger font than the English/Hawaiian description behind it. By doing so, it combines both English and Hawaiian but gearing the focus more towards the Hawaiian phrase of “Aina.” In my understanding, this phrase refers to having respect towards the land and all that it provides for us, therefore by putting these two words together it creates a Hawaiian claim on sustainability. I would say the intended audience is primarily locals as most tourists most likely don’t know what Aina means Multilingual Hawaiʻi