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ID Nickname Country / City Languages Taxonomies Comment Project / Group Map
Pin 92409 Italy Padova
Italiano (Italian)
Pin 92410 Italy Padova
Italiano (Italian) Other language
Pin 92411 Italy Padova
Italiano (Italian)
Pin 92412 Italy Padova
Italiano (Italian)
Pin 92413 Italy Padova
Other language
Pin 92414 Colombia Cali
English (English)
David Santiago Burbano Quiñones
Pin 92415 Colombia Cali
English (English) Español (Spanish)
name: Juan David Diaz Coral. store in Unicentro
Pin 92416 Natalia Quiñones Rivera Colombia Cali
English (English)
In this image we can see the landscape language very clearly since the bathroom signage is seen in two languages and to make it clearer, Additionally, the figure of a woman is used to indicate and identify that it is the women's bathroom.
Pin 92418 Colombia Cali
English (English) Español (Spanish)
Karol Manrique
Pin 92420 Colombia Cali
English (English) Español (Spanish)
In the image we can see how the business uses the combination of English with Spanish that can be striking to customers or people passing by, attracting them to your business. Dilan Vidal
Pin 92422 Colombia Cali
English (English) Español (Spanish)
Santiago echeverry
Pin 92423 Colombia Cali
English (English)
In this image we can see that it is clearly a place where fast food is sold, we also see that they emphasize the hamburger and even make the font larger to make it more striking. By: Jose Daniel Trujillo Suarez
Pin 92424 Colombia Cali
English (English) Español (Spanish)
"Black" discounts generally refer to special offers or significant discounts offered by stores during promotional events such as "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday." These discounts are usually larger or more attractive than regular discounts. Catalina guaspa
Pin 92425 Colombia Cali
English (English)
Nestor David Bedoya
Pin 92426 Colombia Palmira
English (English)
Laura Stefania Salazar
Pin 92427 Colombia Cali
Español (Spanish)
Edwin Emilio Rivera
Pin 92429 Colombia Cali
English (English) Español (Spanish)
Moisés henriquez rincon
Pin 92433 andhannah Japan Shibuya City
English (English) 日本語 (Japanese)
Pin 92435 Colombia Cali
English (English) Español (Spanish)
Big time playground In this logo we can see that it is in English to attract all types of audiences, this phrase being made up of simple words. Katari Maldonado
Pin 92436 Türkiye Atatürk Osb
English (English)