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ID Nickname Country / City Languages Taxonomies Comment Project / Group Map
Pin 86111 Aki Austria Wien
Deutsch (German) English (English) Français (French) BCMS languages (Serbo-Croatian) Magyar (Hungarian) Español (Spanish) Türkçe (Turkish) Українська (Ukrainian) Other language
Welcome sign at the Ferienspiel-Startfest 2023
Pin 86112 United States Santa Cruz
English (English) Español (Spanish)
UCSC coastal campus signage
Pin 86113 Aki Austria Wien
Deutsch (German) Other language
dialect in name
Pin 86114 Aki Austria Wien
العربية (Arabic) Deutsch (German) Ελληνικά (Greek) English (English) Français (French) हिन्दी (Hindi) پښتو (Pashto)
Pin 86116 Italy Milano
English (English) Italiano (Italian) 日本語 (Japanese)
The menu, however, is in Chinese and Italian, and Chinese was being spoken inside on the night I visited
Pin 86117 Italy Forte dei Marmi
Italiano (Italian)
Pin 86118 Essibua Ghana Elmina
Other language
the Fante language is what is visible in the signage. This was taken on the road leading to Akwakuroom near Ayensudo.
Pin 86122 Germany Darmstadt
Deutsch (German) English (English)
Pin 86140 Deutschland Darmstadt
Français (French)
Pin 86184 United States Davenport
Español (Spanish)
Pin 86185 Germany Kassel
Deutsch (German)
Pin 86186 Germany Frankfurt am Main
Deutsch (German) English (English)
Pin 86187 Germany Frankfurt am Main
Deutsch (German)
Pin 86188 Germany Darmstadt
Deutsch (German) Ambilinguistic
Keine Ahnung, welcher Dialekt(?) das gelbe Schild ist
Pin 86189 Germany Darmstadt
Deutsch (German)
Pin 86191 Piccionello Gaspare Dario Italy Licata
Italiano (Italian)
Pin 86285 Aki Germany Regensburg
Lingua latina (Latin)
Pin 86286 Aki Germany Regensburg
Lingua latina (Latin)
Pin 86288 Aki Germany Regensburg
Deutsch (German)
Pin 86290 Aki Germany Regensburg
Deutsch (German)