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ID Country / City Languages Taxonomies Comment Project Map
Pin 34096 Taiwan
English (English) Ambilinguistic
Come to buy, Combine
Pin 51251 Italy
English (English) Italiano (Italian) Lingua latina (Latin)
Pin 51253 Italy
Italiano (Italian)
Pin 75062 Türkiye
English (English)
Hospital cafeteria name
Pin 24633 Hong Kong
English (English) 普通话 (Chinese)
Pin 24634 Hong Kong
English (English) 普通话 (Chinese)
Pin 24636 Hong Kong
English (English)
Pin 51260 Slovakia
Deutsch (German) Magyar (Hungarian) Slovenčina (Slovak)
Pin 24637 Hong Kong
Deutsch (German) English (English)
Pin 24382 Australia
English (English)
Pin 24638 Hong Kong
English (English) 普通话 (Chinese)
Pin 51262 Slovakia
Slovenčina (Slovak)
Pin 15167 Austria
Deutsch (German) English (English) Italiano (Italian)
the correcr #spelling of ketchup only works in English error404
Pin 24383 Australia
English (English)
Pin 24639 Hong Kong
English (English) 普通话 (Chinese)
Pin 46143 United States
Hawai'i Creole (Hawaiian Creole English)
Hensel Phelps is a local construction company - KA Multilingual Hawaiʻi
Pin 24640 Hong Kong
English (English)
Pin 9793 Austria
Deutsch (German)
#spelling error404
Pin 24641 Hong Kong
English (English) 普通话 (Chinese)
Pin 47681 Turkey
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)